July 30


Welcome to our class blog! Families and Friends are welcome to read our thoughts. Please, leave comments, questions, or your own ideas about what you read. Here’s a little “how to” section to help navigate our blog.

First, if you click on each tab along the header you will notice it provides a seperate link to another page. This is to keep all of our posts separate and easy to read. Secondly, By clicking on the home button you can see an unorganized list of all the posts by date and time instead of by category. Finally, you can leave a comment on any of the posts to give us some feedback on how we are doing. Thanks for taking the time to read this short explanation.

Here are some basic blogging rules:

1. Please be kind in your comments.
2. Please explain your thinking, make sure posts have detail.
3. Please leave ONE comment per page. Double check spelling and grammar.
4. The blog is for educational purposes only.
5. Please sign only your first name.
Editor in Chief

6 thoughts on “About

  1. [Blocked by CFC] madison

    hey mrs.waldie what up i like your hair.who your hair dresser.i love your shoes what size are you.when is you bday.txt you later.

  2. [Blocked by CFC] emma

    hey Mrs.waldie hows it going i love your shoes where did u get them? What kind of music do u like i like rock and country how old is scooby? Ill see u later

  3. [Blocked by CFC] morgan

    you rock Mrs.Waldie. Hey how are u and your baby. I like your dress today.
    Im so excited about being in your class this year. I cant believe its our last year at elemantry school.e-mail you later.

  4. [Blocked by CFC] sydney

    u r awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your dress is very pretty:) do u like wearing dresses.
    seth is sooooooooooo cute.
    I cant wait to do more things with u.

    p.s. u rrrrrrrooooooooocccccccckkkkkkkkk

  5. [Blocked by CFC] cody

    Hey Mrs.Waldie you are the best teacher ever yet in elementry. My old teacher was a really mean teacher and he didn’t do any arts or play time or he dint even let us go to computers. He didn’t let us even do party’s.

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